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The 4most Enterprise Manager (EMA) is a cloud based Business Management Solution powered by SAP Business One which creates a flexible approach to managing the total solution infrastructure and operational business model. This tailored approach allows you to run your business the way you want to! 4most Enterprise Manager  users are provided with an easy-to-use web interface which gives them access, on or off site, to the relevant integrated modules. Standard EMA features empower users to easily format layouts and  reports, select their language of choice from 52 available languages and more. In addition users running off of EMA are offered as a monthly rental option.

A complete end to end industry specific solution

SAP Business One includes all the fundamental business requirements you need to run your entire business, and with the interoperation of the 4most Enterprise Manager, the relevant or additional industry relevant functionality required can be delivered in a cloud environment and local intranet providing:

  • One affordable solution to manage your entire business
  • Real-time, accurate visibility into integrated operations
  • Simple secure remote access to data from anywhere at any time on any device
  • Drastically reduced TCO and IT infrastructure costs
  • An increase in staff productivity and service delivery
  • The ability to grow your business footprint quickly and simply

Industry Tailored Functionality

To ensure the security and integrity of your business data, none of the core financial and accounting modules will be exposed within the cloud environment. However, by lifting the general functionality selected, the 4most Enterprise Manager (EMA) creates a flexible approach to managing the total solution infrastructure and operational business model. In addition, unique tailored, industry relevant modules are available to enhance your solution where required.

The available modules cover enhanced business specific solutions for:

  • Supplier Network Collaboration
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Transportation
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Service
  • Assembly
  • Procurement
  • Demand and Supply Planning
  • Customer Relationship
  • Sales and Marketing

Full Standard Functionality

The standard functionality that you can expect from SAP Business One supports and integrates all your key business processes in a non-corruptible manner, and with this true and unified view of operations, critical, up-to-the-minute information is available to make educated and informed business decisions.

SAP Business One key functions facilitate:

  • Accounting and Financials
  • Sales and Customers
  • Purchasing and Operations
  • Production and Material Resources Planning
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Reporting and Administration